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Bio & Sewage Cleanup: Sewage Removal & Biohazard Cleanup Services in Anaheim, CA

While some restoration companies will treat all water damage scenarios the same, our staff at DKI Restotech knows that sewage cleanup is something that needs to be handled with special considerations. Sewage issues are a situation that nobody wants to happen to them, but If it happens at your Anaheim property, you can count on our sewage removal company. Biohazard cleanup work requires unique tools and devices and serious attention to detail because of the health risks involved, so call DKI Restotech to handle it at your place in Anaheim.

Dangers of Sewage-Infested Water

Unlike an average water damage case, a situation that involves sewage carries serious health effects. Since viruses, bacteria, and other parasites feed on moist materials, sewage makes for a metaphorical petri dish of disease. Being in the same area and environment as sewage water can lead to symptoms like body aches, chills, and severe diarrhea. Because of these serious consequences, DKI Restotech has developed a sewage removal process with specific and detailed protocols for extracting it so that places in Anaheim can be fully restored.

Sewage Cleanup Services in Anaheim

What separates DKI Restotech from other restoration companies in Anaheim is our preparedness. Biohazard cleanup requires specific tools and products in order to get completely rid of all the associated risks, and we have all the necessary equipment, like industrial-sized dryers and professional-grade cleaning products. Our expert remediation staff work hard to sanitize, deodorize, and dry spaces in Anaheim after they have suffered from a sewage spill.

Out with The Old at Anaheim Spaces

Sometimes sewage damage is too severe at a space that it is not worth trying to repair some things because they aren’t salvageable. If after a comprehensive evaluation of your Anaheim property we find that certain items are beyond restoration, DKI Restotech can help with deconstructing and disposing of them properly based on the guidelines set forth for sewage waste. The handling of anything that was affected by toxic sewage water needs to be done very carefully and cautiously to avoid spreading contaminants. Once all the damaged parts are gone, we can rebuild and reconstruct anything you need in Anaheim and have an impressive inventory at our showroom where you can get ideas for replacement.

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