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Emergency Sewage Cleanup

Water damage and emergency sewage cleanup should be treated as two completely different problems. As such, they should have two differing solutions. Emergency sewage cleanup calls for particular actions, tools, devices, and attention. Sewage cleanup services requires a detail-oriented contractor to properly restore and secure the space. Invest in your own health and protection with Irvine’s premier company for emergency restoration services. Call DKI Restotech for a free inspection today to get your emergency restoration services started!

Health Effects and Sewage Cleanup in Irvine

Unlike an average water damage case, sewage damage carries serious health effects. Since viruses, bacteria, and other parasites feed off moist materials, it makes sewage damage a petri dish of disease. These can lead to symptoms like body aches, chills, and severe diarrhea. It’s because of these serious health effects that DKI Restotech has developed a sewage cleanup process with such a specific procedure. Read on to see how those potential health risks may affect you and your property. Contact DKI Restotech today to see how our procedure can help you!

What Makes Our Irvine Emergency Restoration Services Different?

There are many characteristics that make sewage cleanup services and emergency restoration services different, the main factor being urgency. For average sewage cleanup services, the damage will occur in a space that goes unused on a daily basis. There are unfortunate situations where you simply cannot function in the same area as the damage. Often, emergency sewage cleanup services will be offered around the clock, so you can continue living your life with peace of mind. To get back to your daily routine as soon as possible call our emergency line, and DKI Restotech will have you and your Irvine property back up and running in no time.

Irvine’s Deodorizing and Sewage Removal

What sets sewage removal apart from any average restoration task is the tools necessary. There are several specific steps that require specialized equipment and training for the job to be properly completed. These steps include sanitizing the surroundings, deodorizing it, and drying out the contaminated area. In order to properly conduct these steps, we use industrial sized dryers and professional grade cleaning products. At DKI Restotech we keep our equipment on hand, so they maintain like-new performance and condition, so you can rest assured that you have best at every step. Call today for a complimentary inspection of your sewage removal!

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