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Residential Sewage Cleanup 

Enduring a sewage or biohazard accident is a traumatic event that deserves the utmost care and empathetic solutions. As DKI Restotech knows, those solutions will be vastly different than any average water damage clean up. Sewage and biohazard cleanup requires specific devices, attention, and cleaning products to truly rid the space of any evidence of an accident. With varying health hazards caused by contamination, sewage cleanup also requires more experience. After 30 years of serving our local Irvine neighbors. DKI Restotech is prepared to protect you and your Irvine space. Call today for a free inspection!

Steps Towards Biohazard Cleanup at Your Irvine Home

There are many factors that separate proper sewage removal from typical water damage services. One of the vital steps of a biohazard cleanup that makes it different is the deodorizing process. This step is paramount to truly restoring the space back into a comfortable home. In addition to deodorizing, thorough testing, removal, drying and sanitation will be required as well. For a free sewage cleanup service inspection on your Irvine home call DKI Restotech today!

High-Quality Equipment for Sewage Cleanup in Irvine

When it comes to maintaining your health after a sewage disaster, sanitation is the process that yields the best results. For biohazard cleanups specifically, the sanitation process requires commercial grade equipment and cleaning products to achieve a space that is truly free of contaminants. With decades of collecting and testing, DKI Restotech possesses top-notch tools including air filters, certified tests, and safe but thorough cleaning products to make sure your Irvine home receives the best clean up possible. Contact us today to see how our sewage cleanup tools can help you!

Irvine’s Healthy Sewage Removal

The potential health hazards of insufficient sewage cleanup services can lead to severe short and long-term consequences. Sewage damage is a feeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other harmful parasites, all of which can cause very serious health issues. Some of these side effects include: body aches, chills, and diarrhea. DKI Restotech, Irvine’s premier sewage removal company, has the knowledge and training to ensure you have nothing to fear. Contact us today for a free inspection!

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