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Sewage Damage Restoration 

In order to legitimately rid your space of contaminants and make it livable again, a contractor must perform specific extra steps with professional grade equipment in their sewage restoration process. This is different than a typical water damage procedure for a few reasons. First is the extra necessary steps in order to truly sanitize the property. Second is using professional grade tools to ensure the space is inhabitable again. The last and most essential reason the procedure is different is the health risks associated with sewage damage specifically. To ensure your Irvine contractor is prepared for all three steps, call DKI Restotech. With over 30 years of experience serving our Irvine neighbors, DKI Restotech is the best-prepared option for your sewage damage restoration.

Why Professional Sewage Cleanup is Necessary for Your Irvine Property

There are a wide variety of health risks associated with sewage damage, which is why hiring an experienced contractor for a professional sewage cleanup is necessary. Due to the moisture in organic materials like wood, viruses, bacteria, and parasites thrive and expand at incredible rates. These hazards can lead to serious side effects such as body aches, chills, or severe diarrhea. If you’re worried about these health risks, call DKI Restotech today. With over 30 years of service in our hometown of Irvine, we promise to restore your space, health, and future with our sewage restoration services.

Sewage Remediation Specifics for Irvine

Sewage remediation is a tough job and can be even tougher if the contractor isn’t prepared with the correct tools. With sewage remediation especially, there are specific tools required to properly sanitize, deodorize and dry the space. In order to fully the restore the luster of your space, a contractor should also have access to industrial dryers and professional grade cleaning products. As Irvine’s most prepared contractor, DKI Restotech always keeps the necessary tools on hand and properly maintained. We keep our equipment in like-new condition, so you can have peace of mind that you and your property will be well taken care of. Call today for a complimentary inspection on your sewage remediation!

Irvine’s Most Comprehensive Sewage Restoration

With the damage and loss of property in addition to added stress, sewage damage restoration can be a heart-wrenching event to endure. Even if after comprehensive evaluation and restoration we find that certain items are beyond sewage damage restoration, DKI Restotech can help you with proper disposal of such items to keep you and your space safe.

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