Does black mold harm my baby ?

According to experts, Stachybotrys or black mold is the most toxic mold. Finding black mold in the house can be concerning especially, during pregnancy. Although we have limited information about black mold exposure in pregnancy, you should try to stay out of it during this time. Generally, all molds can cause symptoms in sensitive or allergic individuals. Reports have shown that black mold is more harmful than other types of mold in most cases.

As you know, your body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy. Medical reports say that a typical pregnancy that lasts 40 weeks; is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester is the notable period for your baby’s body structure and organ systems development. It starts from week 1 to the end of week 12. Be cautious about your health during this period because most birth-defects and miscarriage appears in these 12 weeks.

Medical studies about Black mold disclosure during pregnancy are so rare. But, some medical studies on pregnant animals like mice have shown that black mold can affect fetus development without any symptoms on the mother. It’s noticeable that all these experimental observations don’t apply to humans.

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Is it safe to live in a house with black mold during pregnancy?

The truth is that human beings are more concerned about the condition that other people make gossip about; The smallest amount of the nasty Stachybotrys can make bad feelings for a pregnant person. Although we don’t have any proven studies about black mold’s dangerous effect during pregnancy, people tell different stories about their bad experiences to expose them to black mold. So, experimental living with black mold makes them more conscious.

On the other hand, It’s virtual to get rid of toxic mold; if you’ve got it in your home during pregnancy, especially in your bathroom, toilet, attic, air conditioner or on walls, ceiling, drywall, wood, or around the sink. In this susceptible condition, getting a black mold detector, it’s highly crucial.

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Below I am going to speak about two relevant conditions which must concern during pregnancy includes:

Black mold in your bathroom or toilet :

According to medical reports, for people who have untreated diabetes, in most cases, black mold is found in their toilets. It’s vital to talk with a doctor if a person cleaned the toilet bowl recently and black mold appears very soon.

If you notice the presence of black mold in your toilet, first of all, you should clean it as soon as possible by yourself. There are some natural black mold killers which you can use to get rid of mold.

If you find that dark black mold in your toilet, You should flush the toilet and wipe the sea with a bleach-water solution. It’s necessary to scrub the black mold with a toilet brush if any remains.

To prevent mold from growing in the toilet, you should always add one cup of vinegar to the tank and fix any bathroom leak regularly if any is detected.

Bathroom black mold is common because it loves these damp, dark places.  For cleaning black mold in the bathroom, you should apply vinegar with a sponge and wait some time to work and then weather the surface properly.

Black mold in air conditioner:

Black mold can cause symptoms such as throat irritation, wheezing, coughing, and so on.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you found black mold in your air conditioner, you would raise the chance of infection. So why do you take risks for your health? It’s essential to remove the mold immediately. There are some remediations for killing black mold. The best way to clean black mold in your AC  is to spray a bottle of vinegar mixed with some water on it. In this simple way, you can prevent mold growth and, you are sure that your AC won’t ruin.

If you find black mold in your home, it can release spores everywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of black mold spores entirely, but you can prevent growing it includes:

1- The essential key to preventing black mold in your AC is controlling it

2- Repair and fix air filter regularly

3- Make sure that Grates and filters in window units

cleanse regularly

4- Make sure that window units are fit tightly

5- Make sure that portable units are empty and dry before winter

In conclusion, a sick home can sick its Residents, don’t take high risks for your upcoming baby. Take the black mold issues seriously during pregnancy to avoid potential health problems for yourself and your beloved one. Our DKI team can solve your problem as soon as you contact us.

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