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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration 

Falling victim to a fire is something that nobody wants to experience, but the reality is that it does happen. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of your Irvine business’s building having sustained fire damage, the professionals at DKI Restotech are here to help. We are a fire restoration company that has over a decade of experience dealing with commercial properties that have caught ablaze. Our team in Irvine is trained to fully repair and restore spaces from smoke, soot, and burn marks and offers emergency services to start getting places back to normal as soon as possible.

Comprehensively Cleaning Smoke Damaged Homes

At DKI Restotech, we are dedicated to serving our customers during disaster, which is why we offer quick, reliable smoke remediation in Irvine. If you have fallen victim to fire, there is still lots to deal with after the fire department leaves, and that’s where we come in. We do smoke damage cleanup that is sure to clear the surfaces, stuff, and air at your business in Irvine so you can go back to normal. Our company can transport your company’s assets and inventory to our secure restoration facility to undergo deodorization and sanitization, while we do the same at the structure.

Effective Emergency Restoration Services

We offer emergency restoration services because we know that a fire in Irvine is a disaster that clients want dealt with right away. DKI Restotech specializes in salvaging spaces after they have experienced a blaze, and our full-service contractors are ready to start helping at a moment’s notice. When in need of fire damage cleanup, just pick up the phone and call us. We will arrive at the establishment in Irvine within 60 minutes and begin working on your ashy, soot-covered, smoke-filled items.

Irvine’s Full-Service Fire Restoration Company

Here at DK Restotech, we don’t just do fire damage restoration and then go on our way. We are genuinely here to help clients in Irvine restart after a life-altering experience like a fire, which is why we handle insurance billing for them. Since we have been in the fire restoration industry for multiple decades, we know how the process goes and are happy to take one thing off your plate. We’ve helped thousands of people get their businesses back up and running by streamlining the claims process for them.

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Here at DKI Restotech, we are proud to provide Irvine property owners with timely and professional service. We’ve assisted thousands of people to return to normal after suffering from a major disaster, and you could be the next person we help. Give us a call today!

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