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Mold is a type of fungus in the microorganism family that spreads and grows by producing small spores. These spores are often invisible but far from innocent, as they fly around undetected in the air and can be inhaled, which is a huge hazard to human health.

The side effects of breathing in mold are mild to severe respiratory problems such as coughing, difficulty breathing, and asthma attacks. If you suspect your Irvine home or business might be infected with mold, don’t hesitate to call a mold removal company, DKI Restotech, to mitigate the situation.

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Mold Testing and Inspections in Irvine

Mold can sometimes be detected by its smell, or the side effects it may be causing to those who have been in contact with the affected area. those in the building have been suffering especially bad allergies or respiratory problems. If you have suspicions that mold could be growing somewhere at your Irvine property, don’t waste any time to call a mold removal company for help. We offer mold testing and inspection services where we inspect and analyze the place for any signs of it growing, and if the results show it is, our mold removal experts will be able to take care of it.

Residential & Commercial Mold Removal

If there’s mold growth in your Irvine building, its source is typically a water leak or condensation build up. Our Irvine mold remediation contractors will always find the source of your mold growth first, and work to fix the water leak as soon as possible to prevent further mold growth. Once the leak is repaired, we can start the mold removal process using whichever method we determine will be the most effective for your building. Black mold removal will look slightly different as it is considered a more dangerous growth, but we always work as quickly and efficiently as possible to cause minimal disruption on your Irvine property.

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Proper mold remediation and abatement requires professional experience, resources, and equipment, and is also a dangerous process that typically requires technicians to wear extensive protective gear and respiratory devices for their own health and safety. This is why DKI Restotech of Irvine always recommends that you use professional services for your Irvine mold remediation and especially for black mold removal. Attempting to remove mold on your own could adversely affect your health, and your work may not be thorough enough to prevent future mold growth.

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Our team of Irvine professionals is ready to help you with any water damage restoration, remediation, and removal services that you might need for your home or business. You can always trust us to get the job done well, on time and on budget!

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