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Mold Abatement & Mitigation

The mold abatement methods that our skilled technicians use to reduce and remediate mold infestations at properties in Irvine and surrounding cities vary depending on the severity of the growth. No matter how extensive your situation is, you can trust that DKI Restotech’s trained contractors have the experience and expertise needed to handle the entire mitigation process from start to finish. Our team works professionally, with thoroughness and attention to detail, to ensure Irvine spaces are safe before we hand back over the keys.

Mold Abatement Step 1: Stopping the Source

Our mold mitigation professionals have worked to eliminate exposures at many places in Irvine and have seen in all in terms of mold. We are knowledgeable on all environmental factors that cause mold growth, so we can quickly locate the source of the issue, which is typically traced to a water source like a leaky faucet, broken pipe, or overflowing bathtub. Our team starts their cleanup job at the source to eliminate the possibility of any future mold growth stemming from this spot and stop the problem in its tracks.

The Process for Mold Mitigation in Irvine

Our team of Irvine professionals will facilitate the abatement process in the following order:

  • Section the affected area off with a polyethylene sheet to prevent the spread of toxic spores
  • Plug all potential air leaks, such as HVAC systems, in the area
  • Use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums to suction spores out of the space
  • Mold is carefully removed using the applicable techniques and equipment
  • A third-party testing company is brought in to conduct a post-cleanup test, making sure all growth and spores have been removed from the affected area

Choose Our Company for Irvine Mold Abatement

When you hire the technicians at DKI Restotech of Irvine, be prepared to receive high-quality service at a fair price that won’t break the bank. We understand that having to hire for mold mitigation can be extremely stressful, so we pledge to do an efficient job to make the restoration process as easy as possible for our clients. Our teams work fast to get Irvine properties safe and secure again following mold’s appearance.

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