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Residential Mold Removal 

A mold infestation can often be hard to detect at first, because its spores are microorganisms that are invisible to the human eye, and building occupants could be breathing them in without even knowing it. Eventually, mold will start to have a musty smell and show up in dark patches on surfaces, but by that point, it is likely a dangerous outbreak. Mold in a house can cause a number of health problems for you and your family members, such as respiratory issues like coughing, asthmatic symptoms, difficulty breathing, and itching of the skin or eyes. If you notice any of these things happening in your Irvine home, call DKI Restotech immediately to schedule for testing and inspection!

Mold Testing and Inspections in Irvine

Mold in your house can be extremely dangerous, especially if there are children, elderly people, or pets living on the property. Our trained and knowledgeable professionals can conduct testing and inspections to determine if you and your family are being threatened by a mold infestation. If the place does test positive for a hazard, our home mold removal team can come in to discuss the best way to proceed depending on the location and severity of the mold growth.

DKI Restotech’s Home Mold Removal Process

At DKI Restotech of Irvine, we always prioritize the safety of our clients and their families above everything else, which is why we take our job very seriously. We have a team of experienced contractors who are trained extensively on the most effective methods of mold removal in the industry. Our staff makes sure that each step they take is done safely, which is why we use equipment that is HEPA-certified and section off affected areas to prevent the spread of spores.

Mold Remediation Company Serving Irvine

At DKI Restotech, we are committed to keeping the community of Irvine healthy and safe. Our expert contractors use mold removal methods that are proven to work and last, ridding of the hazard and making sure it won’t return. We handle every single mold abatement job in Irvine with efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism to bring our clients high-quality service at a reasonable cost. We even work directly with insurance companies to negotiate coverage and make things easier on homeowners.

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