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General Construction Contractor: Reconstruction, Demolition & Other Building Construction Services in Newport Beach, CA

DKI Restotech has a team of skilled construction contractors available in Newport Beach to help people in the area rebuild after fire or flooding. Our general construction team can tackle any type of project in Newport Beach, so whether you need small repairs or complex restoration, we are sure to be of assistance. We provide consultations prior to any building project so that clients can become fully informed about what our general contractors will be doing, and offer rapid response times once you are ready for work to start.

Rebuilding in Newport Beach After Disaster

Our Newport Beach building contractors are experts at doing restoration work following a fire or water damage from a storm, sewage spill, or household accident. DKI Restoration’s construction contractors have access to the latest equipment for restoring and rebuilding properties, and we follow proven protocols for cleanup and reconstruction. We have decades of experience managing a myriad of project types including cost-plus, lump-sum, and time and materials projects, and have seen it all when it comes to damaged structures and disrepair at Newport Beach properties.

Building Contractors Serving Newport Beach

Many restoration and repair projects require some form of demolition if the damage sustained was too extensive or sat without repair for too long. Our staff will remove anything at a Newport Beach property that is no longer structurally sound so that it can be rebuilt by our general construction team. We are well-equipped to demolish anything from small spaces to entire parts and pieces of a structure. Once all the irreparable components are disposed of, our general contractors can begin reconstructing the space.

Reliable Team for General Construction Jobs

DKI Restotech is a full-service company with a team of construction contractors ready to rebuild your property so you can get your life back on track following a fire or a flood. We provide emergency services in Newport Beach, where we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and show up at your place fast to keep it from sustaining any further damage. Our building contractors know how stressful it is for property owners to deal with damages at their home or business, which is why we also offer assistance with the insurance claim process.

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Our team of Newport Beach professionals are ready to help you with any water damage restoration, remediation and removal services that you might need for your home or business. You can always trust us to get the job done well, on time and on budget.

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