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Bio & Sewage Cleanup: Sewage Removal & Biohazard Cleanup Services in Newport Beach, CA

If your home or business in Newport Beach has been affected by flooding due to plumbing backing up, the staff of biohazard cleanup professionals at DKI Restotech can take care of it. We have the tools and equipment required to properly handle the various health hazards involved in sewage cleanup jobs. A quick response is key for minimizing and addressing sewage spills, which is why DKI Restotech offers 24/7 service in Newport Beach. Simply call us when you discover you have a sewage problem on your hands, and we will arrive at your home or business in under an hour.

Sewage Removal – Another Level of Remediation

Here at DKI Restotech, we know that the circumstances of sewage cleanup are unlike all other cases of water damage, and should be treated as such. When sewage water damages a home or business in Newport Beach, there are a number of health and safety considerations that need to be taken, requiring specific biohazard cleanup efforts. Detailed inspection must take place so we can determine how to best go about restoration for the property and all the possessions inside.

Newport Beach Company for Sewage Removal

Once the removal of all raw sewage is complete, our team uses devices to detect any hidden moisture so we can make sure all spaces are totally dry. Next, we will ensure proper biohazard cleanup by sanitizing the affected areas and using air filters to rid the atmosphere of any airborne contaminants. As part of our sewage cleanup process in Newport Beach, we will remove any objects that may be a haven for bacteria and other microbes, such as leaves, sticks, and dirt, and make sure that all foul odors are gone.

Storage for Your Stuff in Newport Beach

DKI Restotech will pack up any of your possessions that were touched by sewage and move them to our climate-controlled processing facility. There, we will dry, sanitize, and restore your belongings to their pre-contamination state so they can be returned to the property once structural restoration is complete. If any items from your Newport Beach home or business cannot be salvaged, we will dispose of them properly and help you work with insurance to secure replacement.

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Our team of Newport Beach professionals are ready to help you with any water damage restoration, remediation and removal services that you might need for your home or business. You can always trust us to get the job done well, on time and on budget.

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