Sewage cleanup

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Sewage cleanup services

Unlike other companies, DKI Restotech doesn’t consider sewage damage and clean-up to be just another form of water damage repair. these damages and their resultant restoration processes require unique clean-up tools, devices, and attention.

This is because of numerous potential environmental and health hazards involved. Additionally, solid objects such as leaves, sticks, and dirt can be a source of bacteria and other microbes, that can contaminate your living or business area.

Because we understand that sewage damage is an issue that requires different attention than the usual water damage, we employ unique sets of tools and methods to treat sewage problems. This outlook is what separates us from non-professionals and other restoration companies.

At DKI Restotech we not only ensure proper sewage removal but also sanitize the surroundings, deodorize it, and dry out the entire area to make sure that no other side effects like mold and mildew occur. Our sewage extraction specialists are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to deal with sewage damage. DKI Restotech possesses top-notch equipment including air filters, devices to detect moisture, and drying equipment to make sure you get the best possible sewage extraction and removal.

Even if after comprehensive evaluation and restoration we discover that certain items are beyond restoration, we will assist you with the right disposal of such items.

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Here’s how we do it all

  • 1
    We stabilize the situation

  • 2
    We remove debris

  • 3
    We fix up the damage

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