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General Construction Contractor: Reconstruction, Demolition & Other Building Construction Services in Santa Ana, CA

When disaster strikes at your property, you need a restoration company who can deal with it quickly and efficiently. We have a staff of professional general contractors who can assist with the aftermath of fire, flooding, or biohazards at Santa Ana homes and businesses. Our general construction team can offer solutions for getting the space back to normal no matter how minor or extensive the damage is. When you call for restoration help in Santa Ana, our team of experts responds rapidly so that remediation work can begin ASAP. 

Here to Help After a Fire in Santa Ana

DKI Restotech offers expert assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we know that it’s impossible to foretell when disaster will happen, but when it does you want fast action. Knowing that our experts are available in Santa Ana whenever you need them will allow you to relax and leave your problems in their capable hands. Our construction contractors are trained on how to quickly take a burnt building and do the needed repairs and rebuilding for it to be considered safe again.

Water Damage Cleanup and Repairs

Within no time, water can start to damage surfaces and possessions within a Santa Ana structure. It will begin to deform furniture, strip wallpaper, and create a mildew smell within a few hours, and soon after wood will start to swell, and metals will begin rusting. Mold can form within a day of flooding, and that is a huge health hazard and a whole other issue regarding water damage restoration. No matter what the mess looks like, our building contractors can get everything put back together.

General Contractors for Mold Damage

Mold is a fast-acting bacterium that can quickly overpower surfaces if you do not quickly hire for removal by a remediation expert. Within just a few days, a mold problem could go from a few dark spots to huge mossy patches. The more severe cases of mold that we deal with in Santa Ana sometimes involve general construction work to reconstruct surfaces that are beyond a simple cleaning. Our building contractors work fast when doing post-mold construction, to limit the amount of time you are displaced in Santa Ana.

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Here at DKI Restotech, we are proud to provide property owners in Santa Ana with timely and professional service. Our construction contractors have assisted thousands of people to return to normal through rebuilding efforts after a disaster, and you could be the next person we help. Give us a call today!

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