The Most Common Signs of Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage needs immediate attention because it is a massive hazard and happens to your home. It may result in several health problems and a messy house. Any leak can cause structural damage, which may worsen with time if left untreated. To avoid this situation, you should check your property for signs of water damage.

Remember, water damage may occur due to a leak in the roof, burst pipes, flooding, storm damage, or overflowing bath. Frequent checkups and a proper maintenance and care routine are necessary to avoid structural damages and health issues. Here are some obvious signs to identify water damage in your home.


Water Stains

If you see water stains on ceilings or walls, it indicates the presence of a burst or leak pipe in your home. Moreover, water stains on the ceiling indicate a leaking problem on the upper levels. You may notice these stains near the kitchen or bathroom.

Trace the source of water stains and evaluate the severity of the problem. Once you notice signs of water damage in the home, call experts for restoration services.

Damp Smell

Sometimes, you notice dampness and a strong mildew smell instead of visible signs of water damage. The smell of mold in a building indicates the water damage is in your walls. You may notice a slight damp scent in old houses. Remember, this smell differs from mold, and you should not worry about it. If you notice a strong smell of mold, it is a clear indication to investigate this problem.

Swelling in Walls

The signs of water damage in walls include swelling, peeling paint, stains on walls or ceiling, swollen drywall, warped walls, etc. All these signs indicate a serious problem, and you must address it as soon as possible.

Buckling or swelling on walls means the drywall or wood has absorbed maximum water. It may be an impact of frequent water absorption from minor leaks and the impact of flooding or storm.

Dripping and Strange Noises

The dripping water sound is obvious, but leaking water may create a deceptive sound in your home. Hence, listen carefully when your house is quiet, such as at night, without traffic. Sometimes, you can identify water leaks by rushing or scratching noise.

Paint Damage

Wood and paint become the first victim of water damage in your home. Peeling paint or warped floorboards clearly indicate water damage. After noticing these signs, you should check your walls carefully or call experts for evaluation.

Signs of water damage

Identify Water Damage in Ceilings

Sometimes, you notice musty odors that mean you have mildew or mold around you. Brown and yellow water circles are obvious signs of water damage on the ceiling. Additionally, standing water on your ceiling cause drooping or the formation of bubbles.

After noticing this sign, you have to take immediate action and call experts because your ceiling can collapse at any time. Any leak in your ceiling may be the reason for bubbling or cracked paint. Carefully search for bubbles, peeling, or cracks in ceiling paint to identify water damage. Immediately call experts to fix water damage problems in your home.

In Conclusion

After noticing any sign of water damage, you should take immediate action and call experts. DKI is here to help. We can remove moisture from your home or business completely while carefully preserving all of your belongings.

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