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DKI Restotech understands the importance of prompt and timely service of flood damage restoration, which is why we are here to help in Irvine 24/7.

Indoor flooding is a serious issue, and even the smallest delay in securing water damage restoration services will create more damage and higher repair costs. Water damage can take place at any time to any property in Irvine through anything from major disasters like floods to minor problems such as washing machine leakages. It’s wise to hire a water restoration company the second you notice any moisture pooling because if left unchecked, seemingly minor damage can quickly become substantial structural damages. 

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The Water Restoration Process for Clean Water

Clean water damage can result from things like icemaker line cracks, hose breaks, and water tank leaks. These incidents are the best case for a bad scenario, as they can be remediated through water restoration efforts like extraction and drying.

DKI Restotech will come out to properties in Irvine and pump out the pools of water with professional equipment, then use a system of fans and dehumidifiers to make sure the space is adequately dried.

The Water Damage Restoration Process for Gray Water

Gray water damage is classified as flooding from water beds, malfunctioning appliances, or broken fixtures. As the water is contaminated, there is some additional care and concern to be taken when it comes to restoration procedures. We do thorough inspections at affected properties in Irvine to identify the extent and level of damage, as we know a lot of the destruction is not immediately visible. After making sure the space is dry, we disinfect the place to ensure it has been completed cleaned.

The Flood Damage Restoration Process for Black Water

Black water damage is the most contaminated and severe form of water damage, as it is caused by things like toilets overflows or septic backups, meaning the building becomes a biohazard. When these situations happen in Irvine, they need special considerations undertaken by trained professionals because of the associated health risks. Our water restoration company does detailed inspections and special environmental testing to gather details about the damage, and then we can either clean and repair or demolish and rebuild.

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