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Water Removal & Extraction 

If you ever find that your home or business in Irvine has flooded, you can turn to our company for assistance with water extraction. Here at DKI Restotech, we have a staff of remediation specialists who are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to deal with water damage, including air filters, devices to detect moisture, and drying equipment. We work to make sure there is zero moisture leftover after a flooding incident in Irvine because we don’t want our clients dealing with a mold problem later on.

The Water Removal Services We Extend to Irvine

At DKI Restotech, we provide services that will ensure your property in Irvine is completely dried following a flood. Water removal involves much more than just getting rid of the puddles of visible moisture, it also entails sanitizing surfaces, deodorizing items, and professional drying procedures. We know its vital to ensure that the Irvine establishments we work at are thoroughly dried so that there are no opportunities for mold and or mildew to grow.

Avoiding Mold with Water Extraction

If water damage is not dealt with properly, it will get much worse and a mold problem may also develop. Given favorable circumstances, mold will form and form until it digests the walls and floors of a property in Irvine, so quick water removal services are needed to stop this from happening. Our certified and trained environmental remediators can assess a flooded space to see if there the bacteria is present, and if so, can remove it and its associated risks.

A Full-Service Water Removal Company

We don’t just remove the water and then leave the rest up to clients; we make sure the place is safe and secure and okay to be occupied again. Our experts will make sure that buildings we work on in Irvine are structurally sound after we perform our remediation services, by performing additional testing and evaluation. We make sure there is no damage to flooring, tiles, walls, and fixtures, and ensure every part of your home or business is completely dry. If corrective measures are required, DKI Restotech’s contractors can rectify the situation.

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Here at DKI Restotech, we are proud to provide Irvine property owners with timely and professional water extraction service. We’ve assisted thousands of people to return to normal after suffering from a major disaster, and you could be the next person we help. Give us a call today!

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