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Wind & Storm Damage Restoration

Hail can be a devastating force in Irvine, most often causing damage to roofs, but can cause cosmetic or structural damage to walls, windows, and other parts of a building. Our expert storm restoration contractors will ensure your restoration is done right. We will remove any debris, repair all structural components of your property, and mend any cosmetic harm. We will board up any openings to ensure to minimize any possible or further water damage. To save you time, you do not have to visit our office, simply reach out to us via phone and we will be at your location in under an hour.

Offering Irvine More Than Just Wind and Storm Damage Restoration

Instead of considering hail damage repair as just another part of wind and storm damage restoration, DKI Restotech understand it requires its own separate attention. Hail is a form of precipitation, and as such its physical damage also carries the possibility of water damage when it melts. We know that when moisture is ignored, mold has the potential to grow, which is why our Irvine techs will make sure that hidden moisture will not be over looked when we take on your hail damage repairs.

Comprehensive Hail Damage Assessment Services for Irvine Property Owners

Assessing damage is key to maintaining a building’s integrity. Our restoration contractors act with a sense of urgency operation quickly to minimize any water damage in addition to the structural damage caused by hail. Their expertise allows them to immediately begin implementing the measures necessary to get your home restoration underway—so you can get your life back or business to normal ASAP.

Irvine’s Hail Damage Repair Specialists

DKI Restotech is here to return your Irvine home or business back to its pre-loss condition or better. Our hail damage repair team will immediately board-up any part of our property that is open to the elements to minimize any further possible water damage. Our next step we will remove any debris from the building and surrounding areas. Then our restoration contractors will stabilize any damaged structures and mend them along with any cosmetic damage incurred due to hail or wind. For peace of mind we will handle the burdensome task of communicating with your insurance company, just to take one more thing off your mind.

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Our team of Irvine professionals are ready to help you with any water damage restoration, remediation and removal services that you might need for your home or business. You can always trust us to get the job done well, on time and on budget.

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