Black mold exposure, treatments symptoms and dangers

The common name for “Stachybotrys is Black Mold

Fungi are present in your everyday environment, and you breathe them almost every day. Therefore, it does not pose any serious risk to your health if you have a standard functioning immune system. There are many common myths about black mold exposure, but most are not backed up by science. For example, there is no evidence that black mold exposure causes cancer or severe lung diseases.


What symptoms are caused by black mold exposure?

Many people are, however, more sensitive to mold spores. So they may experience respiratory-related symptoms, which We will learn more about in this article.

Allergy symptom

In case of black mold exposure. People with allergies are more at the risk of symptoms listed below

.Sore throat 

.Skin rashes

.Runny nose

.Blocked nose


.Breath shortness(in severe allergies)

Studies also found that children exposed to mold had a higher chance of developing asthma.


Black molds and some other molds produce mycotoxin; However, most of the mycotoxicosis cases are from eating food with mold. Still, breathing mold filed air can lead to mycotoxicosis.


People with weak immune systems must be highly cautious around black mold or any type of mold in general, and they need to stay away from mold spores. There is a high chance of a weak immune system with the people listed below.

.HIV positives

.Cancer patients

.People with transplants




Diagnosis and Treatments

First of all, you need to check with your doctor; if you find any symptoms, there may need to run a blood test to measure your immune system and give you the necessary treatment.

Treatments may differ for any age and allergy. Still, it’s usually Nasal rinse, Antihistamine, oral and nasal drugs to reduce inflammation, and immunotherapy.

Altho immunotherapy only works for certain types of mold allergy.

How to prevent identity and get rid of black mold?


Black Molds function in damp and humid environments. You can use these listed strategies to keep your home safe from black molds or any other types of mold in general.


. Continuously monitor your home’s humidity and keep it under 50%


. Improve your property’s ventilation use the ones that come with a HEPA air filter 

  (They can remove spores from the air)


. Don’t use wood and carpets in areas with high humidity, such as the bathroom and kitchen.


. Look for signs of water damage and flood.


Here is the link if you want to know more about water damage



As we all know, Stachybotrys is black. These slime-like fungi have a fuzzy light texture. Early forms, however, have a powdery feel. Rub it with paper to identify the type more efficiently.

Don’t forget to wear a glove, face masks, and goggles.


It’s a necessity to remove the molds. We highly recommend you to use a professional’s help. But you can always use standard commercial mold removal products. You can mix 1 cup of bleach with a gallon of water or use a hot water spray.

Bottom Line:

As I mentioned above, it’s impossible to avoid exposure. It won’t cause a hazard to most of us, but the same does not apply to people with immunity-related health problems.

Suppose you aren’t sure that you may have a mold problem. In that case, I recommend hiring a professional as we are equipped with better equipment and can run various testings; no mold belongs to your home, whether it’s black mold or any other color.

If you have a mold on your property, you need to fix it as soon as possible

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