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The Homeowners Insurance Policy

The homeowner's insurance policy is generally the best option to get your home back to normal. Therefore we recommend familiarizing yourself with your coverage benefits before filing your claim. If you happen to choose DKI, we will guide you through the process of your claim. Since the early 80s DKI Restotech Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services has been restoring our valued customer’s homes and lives after disasters, hand in hand with some of the greatest insurance companies out there on the market. As a result, We have worked with some of the most prominent insurance companies in Orange County for more than half a century, and thus we know almost all the ups and downs of laws and processes to negotiate the full benefits of our cherished customers they are entitled to within the chosen policy.

Our Experience in Insurance

Your claim will not be rejected based on the restoration contractor you chose. With our experience in insurance, we can guide you through the whole process and will make sure you will benefit from the full payback services based on your chosen insurance policy.
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