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Water Damage

As suggested by experts, when it comes to water damage, the first 24 to 48 hours are critical for the prevention of permanent damage and the growth of toxic microbes such as mold and bacteria.

Oh, by the way, did you know that around 40% of homeowners in the U.S. have incurred losses caused by water damage?

Water Categories

Most of these problems are caused by what is called clean water or Category 1 water.

This kind of damage is generated from broken pipes or faulty plumbing, overflowing sink, or rainwater. Left untreated for more than a couple of days, the situation will expose you to different contaminants which can turn it into category 2 water damage.

The second category, also known as greywater, is caused by equipment discharges or chemical wastes like detergent, laundry, and soap.

This kind of damage can yield mild to severe contamination risks. Furthermore, this kind of water can promote microbial growth and the severity of the condition usually escalates as time goes by. Exposure to greywater can affect your health as well as property.

Moving on further, there is Category 3 water otherwise called blackwater,

That is to say, water from sewers or water containing grease, oil, urine, etc. Apparently, this water type holds tons of bacteria, viruses, and other toxic allergens, which makes it contagious.

The likelihood of getting an infection when exposed either directly or indirectly to black water is more than 90% thus making it highly essential to exercise special caution when dealing with black water.

How Water Damage Ruins Everything

Water damage can ruin everything from your furniture and carpets to your electrical wiring, and if submerged for an extended period of time it can cause serious damage to your documents, wallpapers, doors, your household content, and even your entire house. If left untreated for a long period of time, even a little water damage will inevitably compound over time and can cause major issues such as warped floors and damaged walls, and mold growth. Moreover, it can play havoc with your precious family members’ health. That’s why water damage restoration services are so important. WE at DKI, believe that it’s not just about stopping the immediate damage. It’s about preventing complications in the future.

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