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Water Damage Restoration 

Disaster Kleenup International, also known as DKI Restotech, is a professional water damage cleanup company serving Irvine and its surrounding areas. Our experts have extensive experience in the water damage remediation industry, handling buildings that have suffered damage from moisture including sewage spills and flooding. If your home or business has sustained damages from either of these devastating events, don’t hesitate to call the Irvine company that can facilitate the water damage repair process effectively, efficiently and on budget!

Water Damage, Flooding, and Sewage Leaks

One of the most common problems that building owners face is water damage due to basement flooding or sewage leaks. When it comes to removing the water from your Irvine home or business and ensuring the structural integrity and restoration of the space, don’t leave the job up to just anyone. Trust DKI Restotech’s trained and experienced water damage remediation team to keep your building standing and your family or employees safe. Our Irvine team understands that at the end of the day, the safety of all those who live or operate in the building is your top priority.

Water Damage Repair Efforts in Irvine

Our Irvine team of highly-trained water remediation professionals have the expertise and tools to take care of you in your time of need, from water or sewage removal to all necessary restoration and repair efforts. No matter what kind of flooding your property has experienced or how extensive the damage is, DKI Restotech’s water damage restoration team can clean all damaged surface and remove debris from the Irvine space to get it back to its original state!

Why Should You Hire Irvine’s DKI Restotech?

Attempting to handle water removal and do the damage remediation process yourself without the proper experience or equipment has the potential to be very dangerous to both your health and the building’s structural integrity. If the water that is pooled in your Irvine building is hazardous or contains any sewage, mold, or other toxins, entering the space without the correct protection is risky and could be harmful. Besides the possibility of all the consequences to health, there’s a large chance that your water removal and remediation skills will not be adequate enough to protect the building from further structural damage.

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Our team of Irvine professionals is ready to help you with any water damage restoration, remediation, and removal services that you might need for your home or business. You can always trust us to get the job done well, on time, and on budget!

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